1. thearabesque:

    DSC03581 (by pselchis)

  2. thepalestineyoudontknow:

    Old Palestinian posters about Sabra and Shatila massacre .

  3. omgthatartifact:


    19th century, India

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    “Popular at nineteenth century Indian courts, this bowed lute borrows features of other Indian stringed instruments, such as the body shape of the sarangi and the frets and neck of the sitar. There are four melody strings and fifteen sympathetic strings that sound when the instrument is played to accompany popular religious song. The peacock is the vehicle of Sarasvatî, the goddess of music, and it appears in Indian poetry as a metaphor for courtship.”

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  4. moments-of-beauty:

    The Kufic inscription includes part of the ‘Throne Verse’ (Qur’an 2:255).

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  5. tarrifiq:

    Noorduck (Kareem Lotfy)

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  6. moments-of-beauty:

    Bursa Grand Mosque, Turkey

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  7. farsizaban:

    WW II era British Propaganda Poster in Iran

  8. moments-of-beauty:

    Dargah Mosque, India

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  9. moments-of-beauty:

    Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

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  10. moments-of-beauty:

    View of the courtyard and minaret of the Great Mosque, Aleppo

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